Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poetry For the Soul, Volume 1

Hello, my name is Robert A. Mingo and I am the Humanitarian Poet. I wrote a book called Poetry for the Soul, Volume I. Please ask your local book store to order it or contact me directly at for information on getting your own copy. Here is a sample of some of my work:

Forgive and Forget

Sometimes when we’re harmed

By friend or by foe.

We harbor bad feelings

We refuse to let go.

Feelings of anger

Sorrow and pain.

These feelings don’t help us.

They’re all felt in vain.

As a matter of fact

They can tear us apart.

They dampen our spirit,

And poison our heart.

When done an injustice

It’s not easy to cope.

By dwelling on it

It diminishes hope.

It’s not easy to live with

Pain and regret.

It’s much better by far

To forgive and forget.

It's Here!

The book Poetry for the Soul has been published! You can get your own copy by clicking here .

Bob hopes this book will touch all who have ever hurt and needed a friend. Get your copy today.

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